auditions and employment


Actors, singers, and dancers are all welcome to audition for our productions! Our shows have included cast members ranging in age from 6 to over 80, and we always have a wide range of roles available. While most of our roles call for both singing and acting, some are acting-only roles (non-singing). All cast members are paid.

We are currently auditioning singer-actors virtually for our 14th season (2021-2022). Actors are asked to prepare a song of any style, and to be prepared to read from a script. For more information and instructions, please drop us a line. We look forward to hearing from you!



Our instrumentalists are the musical backbone of every work we produce. While some of our productions call for a "classical" (string-based) orchestra, others use a smaller, piano-based ensemble, or even a pop-style band (with guitar, drums, etc.). In some cases, a work may be written for an orchestra, but we'll also need a pianist to work with us in rehearsals. Our orchestras have included professional musicians, advanced students, and even talented community members. Anyone who plays at a professional level is welcome to audition for our shows. Please contact us and become a part of our history-making tradition!


PRoduction TEAM members

Every production has different crew requirements – some require a large costume team, while others have lots of scenery to design and build. BgO is fortunate to have worked with a number of gifted designers, but we are always on the look-out for talented new collaborators. Whether you are a lighting designer, set designer, costumer, makeup artist, carpenter, stagehand, graphic designer, or you work in another area of the arts, we would love to know more about you! Please tell us about your skills!